1920: America’s Great War

Robert Conroy

In this alternate history Germany wins WW I and goes on to invade the US from Mexico. The military and political aspects of the story are both plausible.

I’ve enjoyed all of Conroy’s books, but this is his best so far: it’s as good as his excellent “1901″. I really appreciate the fact that he writes independent books, not tiresome series like so many authors in the genre.


Jim Lehrer

Otis Halstead, CEO of Kansas Central Fire and Casualty and a man who has never done anything unexpected buys a toy fire truck, a scooter, and a BB gun and his life goes off the rails. Or maybe he just changes tracks. “Eureka” has farcical elements, but Otis’ actions have consequences. It’s a good book about a mid-life crisis. Unlike others on that theme the reader doesn’t end up despising the protagonist.